We are excited to announce ESN KISA's the very first overall badge design competition is now open!
Are you maybe a graphics wizard? Do you have ideas about what students should be putting on their overalls? You don’t have to be a pro, we consider all the ideas! 

- Have (at least) the text ”ESN KISA”
- The badge is going to be 80 mm in diameter, circle-shaped.
- Try to aim for a completed work because we assess the clarity and feasibility of the work.
- The original participating work should be in the form of either in .ai or .pdf. If you wish to draw something, we can always scan your work.
- Post your idea to this event’s wall (remember to save the original. If you win, we might need it)
- Return your work by Friday 20th March 2016.

The KISA production team will select the winner who will be informed about it personally. Good luck!