Time to put on your sneakers/hiking shoes and join us for a day trip to Koli National park to enjoy and sense the beauty of the Finnish spring and share the unforgettable national landscapes. Koli National Park in North Karelia is a unique natural and cultural destination, representing purely the beauty of Finnish landscape and nature - the land of thousands lakes, vast horizons of forest and areas of unspoiled nature with extensive range of flora and fauna. 

WHEN: Because we want that most of you have the possibility to join this day, we offer you two Saturdays and you can VOTE for the one, which is better for you. But we will organize this trip just onces, so please don't forget to vote.

PRICE: 20€ Includes the private bus UEF - Koli - UEF. National Park entrance is free

NOTICE: There is 54 places for this trip, and after voting we run the sign (info later). 30 people is the minimum amount of people to join the trip for that we are able to execute it. 

Detailed information concerning the trip will be sent to email for people who will sign up for the trip, but in brief:
-We'll depart around 9am on Saturday morning
-Before the hike you have a possibility to visit the National Landscape -exhibition at Luontokeskus Ukko (free entrance)
-We have planned the hiking routes ready for you so all you need is to follow the map (will be sent to your email as well) and enjoy the company and best views the National park has to offer
-Prepare and pack your own lunch and enjoy it with others outdoors by the campfire
-Again enjoy the views and best company
-Depart back home around 6pm, so we'll be back to Kuopio around 8:30 pm
-Enjoyed the day and company? How about "AfterHike" and one cold Koff, Olvi Karjala or Karhu together then? For those who think that sounds good, we can continue our day together in relaxed mood! Let's see that then!"

What do you need?
-Good shoes for walking (high heels are not for hiking boys ;) )
-Own lunch (prepare something simple, or buy sausages to grill on campfire ;) )
-Smile and relaxed feeling

Notice! The hike is easy to walk for everyone, doesn't require any previous hiking experiences or excellent physical condition! 

If you have any further questions, place feel free to ask HERE!

20 €
What's included: 
  • Bus ride Kuopio-Koli-Kuopio