Calling all our new lovely ESNers, yes, you all our dear KISA members! Are you interested in getting amazing discounts on products and services all around Finland and also around Europe? Then remember to register your ESNCard online:

"The ESNcard is the membership card of ESN which means that you can access to all the services offered by the ESN and our partners.

With the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in thousands of events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long."
Check the services and discounts online

If you are also interested in winning a prize, just enter our Registration Raffle - read the following:
All you need to do is send a screen shot of your registered ESNCard account to ESN Kisa mail: Then your name will be entered into the drawing and you could win an amazing prize! The drawing will be held on thos Sunday 11th of February at our upcoming Movie night! Make sure to invite your friends as well!

05/02/2018 - 06:00 to 12/02/2018 - 20:45