Are you more of an angel or a devil? Let's find out! Dress up in your best costume and join us for this traditional and veery exciting Finnish student party! ESN KISA and Fortis will be hosting a Saints and Sinners sitsit on Thursday, 14th of November!

To purchase your ticket, come to our ticket sale on 28th of October. The ticket sale will be held at Canthia lobby (2nd floor) from 12 to 13. NOTE! Cash only!
(Suomalaiset opiskelijat voivat ostaa lippunsa lipunmyyntitilaisuudesta myös MobilePay:lla)
Any remaining tickets will be sold at ISYY office from 29th of October onwards.

Ticket prices:

ESN Kisa or Fortis member:

with alcohol 24 €
alcohol-free 20 €


with alcohol 26 €
alcohol-free 22 €

Your ticket includes:
-Dinner (Chicken or vegetarian pasta)
-Drinks (2 shot + 2 drinks from the tap)
-Patch for your overall
-Authentic Sitsit experience

NOTICE: During the sitsit more drinks can be purchased

And in case you do not know what a sitsit party is...
It's a traditional Swedish academic dinner party led by the Toastmasters. It includes singing, drinking, and general merriment all the while enjoying tasty food in good company! In a sitsit dinner, the Toastmasters have the ultimate power and they administer what songs are to be sung, when drinks are to be drunk and when the food is to be eaten. Failure to follow the rules or disobeying the Toastmasters WILL result in punishment! Sitsit is probably the most popular student event in Finland. So we are proud to invite you to experience this kind of event with us. All you need is a free and adventurous mind.... and a very innovative costume ;)

WHAT: ESN KISA & Fortis: Saints and Sinners Sitsit
WHEN: November 14th, 17:30
WHERE: Apteekkari
DRESSCODE: Saints and Sinners

NOTE! You can buy a ticket for your 2 friends as well if you just have all the details and if they are ESNers, the card OR a picture of that card with you.
Also note that If you buy a ticket, you cannot cancel / get a refund.

facebook event:

14/11/2019 - 17:30
Apteekkari, Kuopio