Do you want to save lives and help in the treatment of seriously ill patients (e.g. cancer, premature babies)? Are you interested in donating blood? This is an easy way to do so!
Blood donors are needed every day! Patients needing blood depend on the help of blood donors.

In relation to social ERASMUS, we organize some blood donation events where we are going to visit Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) in small groups of 4 people. We will take a shuttle from Lukema to the Service Centre. It will take approx. 1.5-2h of your time but will have a huge impact on some person’s life.

Before the donation you have to fill in a health care questionnaire and have a quick discussion with a nurse. Afterwards you can sit down and enjoy some refreshments.
However, there are some restrictions:
- Be in good health, feel good
- Age >18
- Weight at least 50kg
- Have an official photo ID/driving licence with you
- Have a Finnish personal identity code (you don’t have to be a finnish student)
- If you don't have a Finnish personal identity code on your ID you also have to bring an official document to verify it (e.g Kela card, or a certificate from a local register office or a tax office). Together they are a valid ID.
- Blood haemoglobin concentration must be good (at least 125 g/l for women and 135 g/l for men). Your heamoglobin concentration will be measured by the Red Cross Blood Service, so you don´t have to know your value in advance.
- Have lived at least for the last three months in Finland or some other EU or EFTA state
- Be capable of filling in the donor's health questionnaire in Finnish, Swedish or English, and have a short discussion with the nurse on your state of health
- The minimum interval between whole blood donations is 91 days for women and 61 days for
See also for requirements:

If you want to check if you can donate blood – here is an online test:

For more information about blood donation – check out:

Blood donation events:
Register here:
- Friday 19.10. at 10 am or 15.00h
- Monday 22.10. at 10 am or 16.00h
- Tuesday 23.10. at 10 am or 15.00h
- Friday 26.10. at 14.00h
- Monday 29.10. at 13.00h

It is possible to choose more than one date. We will send you a mail at which date you can donate your blood. It is also possible to mention preferred group members (max. 3 people at the time).
Please plan in 1.5 – 2h for each session. Please take into account that we can only approve dates the latest 4 days in advance (meaning registration deadline for the 19.10. would be 16.10. etc.)
We appreciate your help and are looking forward to see you there!

In short:
- Donate blood & safe life!!!
- Free of charge!
- Duration: 1.5 – 2h
- Meeting point: Lukema
- Register!!!
- Bring ID + certificate of Finnish ID code
Lots of love!!!

19/10/2018 - 10:00 to 30/10/2018 - 14:45
  • Everyone is invited.