ESN KISA invites you to discover an exciting world of local cultures - BEER!
So grab this golden opportunity, put your beer-goggles on and join us for our visit the Rock Paper Scissors brewery right here in Kuopio.

Places for the visit are limited! Ticket sales for this start on Thursday 27th of February at 12.00 in Link for the ticket sales will be published on the event later.
Entrance fee: €.10

Story about the company:

The Rock Paper Scissors Brewery has existed since summer 2017 and it produces plenty of different beers and long drinks.

We love making beer. But we live for the chance to entertain and engage people, to get them thinking, and ultimately to make them smile. Our beers and long drinks are more than just beers and long drinks, they’re also entertaining classic games like our market-disrupting Rock, Paper, Scissors and Truth or Dare creations. It’s why we make them with daring ingredients, flavors, and names. Or tailor them for special events and occasions, like our Let’s Settle This Like Adults beer brewed specially for the Putin-Trump Helsinki summit.

The visit will start at 18.00 and it will take about 2h, It will be held in English and will include a discovery of the beer production as well as some beer and long drink tasting also. More beverages are available at your own expense.

Thursday 12.3.2020 18.00


Siikaranta 3b, 70620 Kuopio
From City Center: Bus 5 or 6, stop at Siikaranta (~10 min)

ISYY 10: Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) will celebrate its 10th Anniversary during the week 11. This event is part of the celebration!


facebook event:

12/03/2020 - 18:00