ESN KISA invites you all to our Halloween sitsit on 21st of october at 18:30 in LUKEMA.

Sitsit is a typical student event here in Finland where students come together, sing, drink and have a lot off fun.
The event is hosted by our toastmasters. You can take the term master litterally because everything they say is law. Failing to listen to them will result in PUNISHMENT. The main rules will be explained at the beginning of the event. Be on time because showing up late will also result in PUNISHMENT.
Every sitsit has a theme. This time it is halloween. It is mandatory to dress according to the theme but of course you dont need to go and spend hundreds of euros on a costume. Just a mask or some face paint is already enough. You can take the theme as broad as you want. You can come as your favourite villian as well as just your regular witch or zombie.
Overalls are also encouraged in combination with the costume but not mandatory. Showing up with no costume will results in PUNISHMENT.

You can buy tickets in our office from wednesday 5/10 as well as on KIDE. Price in the office is 18 euros for members and 20 for non members. On the KIDE app the price for members is 18,80 euros for members and 20,80 for non members. There will also be alcohol free versions available which will be 2 euros cheaper.

What is included?
2 drinks
2 shots
some pizza during our break
a patch to remember our sitsit by

You are also allowed to bring drinks of your own if you want!

Link to KIDE:

21/10/2022 - 18:30