Once again, calling ALL singers and artists in Kuopio! Come and join us in our second Karaoke night at Bar Nousu and show the world your singing skills. Great way to meet and greet students from all around the globe and... become a part of Karaokekansa!

And what it was again.. Karaokekansa?

Karaokekansa (Karaoke Nation) is an account of taciturn people, who are not even able to take their eyes from their own toes while conversing with one another, yet who want to sing about their joys and sorrows to unknown people in the limelight of their local, night after night.

No one does Karaoke like the Finns: In some countries, karaoke is done behind closed doors, in private rooms populated only by one’s friends. But in Finland, karaoke is largely done out in front of fellow bar patrons, which may seem odd if you consider the generally reserved nature of Finnish bar culture.

“If there weren’t a karaoke, you wouldn't talk to anyone. Maybe that's what the karaoke does: It unites the people. The karaoke is the only key to talking to people, unless you’re really drunk and get your bravery from that. Other than that, you sit at your own table and that’s how it goes,” - Anonymous

So be there or be square!
AND Note! The first brave singers will receive that a special prize again!
We hope to see you all there!
Entrance: FREE

21/11/2018 - 21:00
  • Everyone is invited.