"1 night, 3 dishes, 12 new people and a great afterparty"

Would you like to get to know people from all over the world? Do you want to try some great international and local food? Then take part in the ESN KISA Running Dinner!

This is how it works:

First, find a friend who you would like to cook with.

Then, register your team by signing up in Lukema and paying the 4€ entry fee (2€ per person), which will be donated to a local cat shelter (http://bit.ly/2fVbsuB). Registration will be open from 21.11 – 2.12, but there is only room for 39 teams so sign up quickly! Please, don’t sign up if you are not committed. It is very important that everyone who registers actually participates. And make sure to bring your ESNcard or student card so we know you’re a member of ESN KISA.

Once registration is complete we’ll tell you which course (starter, main dish or dessert) you will be preparing and where you will be going for the other two courses. Each course will take place at a different apartment in your neighborhood where you will meet 4 NEW people!! (Each course is eaten with a different group of 3 teams) Each group is responsible for purchasing and preparing the food for their course and are encouraged to provide soft drinks or coffee and tea, but each participant should bring their own alcohol.

Also, so the groups can travel around quickly, each course must be hosted in Neulamäki or Puijonlaakso. If you want to participate but don't live in Neulamäki or Pujonlaakso you can form a team with someone who lives in one of those areas. Also, only one team can use each kitchen/apartment because we don’t want to accidentally have two groups trying to cook and eat in the same place at the same time.

After dinner, you will have the chance to party with your new friends (hopefully you have made 12 that night), when we all will meet again at the after party in Lukema!

The schedule for the night will look like this:

Starter: 17:00-18:30 -> RUN
Main dish: 19:00-20:30 -> RUN
Dessert: 21:00-22:30 -> RUN
After Party: 23:00 -> DRINK

Hope to see you all there! And let Joce know if you have any questions.

10/12/2016 - 17:00 to 11/12/2016 - 02:00
Yliopistonranta 3
70211 Kuopio