Hello everyone,
Hopefully all of you are as exited to start this semester as we are. For our first event we have set up a welcoming BBQ at puijonnokka on Saturday the 4th of September at 16:00. Here you can get to know each other better while eating some good food while enjoying a nice view. Also, we will be doing a quiz where the winners will receive some prices. So, if possible, bring something to write.
We will meetup with you at bus stop "Puijonsarvi L" at 16:00. From there we will guide you to the BBQ spot. You can either take bus 21 or bus 20 to get at the location. The bus should be going towards Päiväranta. You will see some people of KISA with the KISA flag waiting on you at the busstop. KISA will provide juice for you and their knowledge of making fire but food you should bring for yourself.
what: ESN KISA welcome BBQ
when: 4th September at 16:00
where: meetup at bus stop "Puijonsarvi L"
hopefully see all of you there!!!

04/09/2021 - 16:00