Come get to know your fellow students and what would be better place than by a lake?! You are invited to join us for an afternoon BBQ in Neulamäki at Vuorilampi lake. It's time to take your first steps and discover the great nature of Finland!

So get your gear ready, take your camera, and get ready for a fun afternoon in the forest! ESN KISA will provide some ketchup and mustard, napkins and fire. Bring your own food, beverage, plates and utensils. Water is always a solid idea! The lake can be reached only by foot, so don’t wear your fancy shoes :)

We will meet at Juontotie 3 at 14:00 and walk to Vuorilampi together. For students who live in Puijonlaakso, Amy Campbell (ESN KISA President) will meet you at 13:10 outside Kuntokuja 2 and will guide you to Juontotie via bus 4 that departs Canthia E bus stop at 13:38.

You will be able to recognize us by our blue overalls so you know who to follow at all times. Hope to see you there!

09/09/2017 - 14:00 to 10/09/2017 - 18:45