Inspired by our Event Manager and Social Erasmus Coordinator Lena Baumann ESN KISA started to organise blood donation events where we are going to visit Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) Kuopio in small groups. Additionally we created our own ESN KISA BloodGrouop which means that ESN KISA members can go to the blood service centre together or on their own to donate blood throughout the semesters.

Every donation given through our BloodGroup increases our activity and makes it possible to get rewarded. However, we don't do this because we want to get rewarded, but because we want to help and share the good together as an ESNers! Blood donations can save peoples life and are needed every day. Seriously ill patients depend on our help. With this event, we want to make people aware of this and give them the chance to help others, donate blood in an already organized fashion and easy way. All in all, we hope to increase the number of blood donations. #SocialErasmus

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