ESN KISAs semi-annual Knowledge Transfer (KT) was, once again, held this weekend. The tradition started in Spring 2017 when we wanted to improve the way of educating our new board and active members about ESN KISA.

The idea of the Knowledge Transfer is to spend an educational and unforgettable weekend together with old and new board members, as well as some of our active members, in a cozy and traditional Finnish cottage by the lake. The weekend consists of presentations and workshops to pass on knowledge and improve our section, as well as a fun social programme and bonding activities. Did I also mention that it also includes lots of food? Lots of DELICIOUS food!

Ever since the Knowledge Transfer weekend was implemented to KISAs action plan, the weekend has been spent at a beautiful cabin at Pielavesi. However, this Autumn we wanted to try somewhere new and booked a lovely, cozy cabin in Maaninka. One of the highlights of staying in the new cottage was spending Saturday evening, which was one cold Autumn night, bonding in a hot sauna and palju (hot tub) together.

These Knowledge Transfer weekends have always been very successful when it comes to the education of a new board and getting to know each other. These weekends are filled with joy, laughter, love and great discussions. It's something we are very proud of and we hope that this tradition will stay in KISA also in the future. The knowledge, understanding and good vibes are the basis for a great and successful board that every section needs!

All the love,
CM Outi and the rest of the board