Our new board and some active members gathered to a beautiful cottage in Pielavesi to transfer knowledge about ESN on the last week of September. Here is what couple of our new event managers and an active member had to say:

When we were asked to join the knowledge transfer, we first did not know what to expect, but at the end we were overwhelmed by this amazing weekend.
We spent two and a half days at this very nice cottage in Pielavesi in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a breathtaking beautiful and peaceful nature. During the stay we have learned all about the whole ESN network and got introduced in our and all the other board member’s tasks. The weekend helped us to get a better picture of what ESN stands for and how the network supports students during their exchange. In addition to the “official learning” it was also a unique experience to get to know all board and active members and become a part of this lovely community.

We are very thankful that we could join this event, and we recommend every new board and active member to attend the knowledge transfer.
A special thank you to the OC and the drivers for taking care of everything. We will never forget this weekend!

Franzi, Ina and Shila