ESN KISA went to the beautiful Lofoten Islands on the 2.-6. of October with Timetravels. Here you can read the experiences of our lovely group leader Shila:


The Lofoten have been a longing goal of mine for some time and thanks to ESN KISA it became true. Located above the Arctic Circle, the chain of islands extends into the European North Sea. High mountains and deep sea give the latch in the hand and behind every bend unexpectedly shows a new view. The word "perfect" is not enough to describe the beauty of it all. Characteristic of the Lofoten are the mountains rising steeply out of the water, which cause relatively little flat surface. The rugged mountain landscape and the many waters around it make Lofoten a unique and enchanting hiking paradise. But before you go hiking, you should definitely make sure to have the right shoes and the right condition.

In Norway you will enjoy the beauty day and night: during the day from the fantastic mountains to hiking and photography and at night very good aurora spots, observing the dancing northern lights, which made the trip an amazing unique adventure. My Instagram was burning, because of so many amazing pictures.

The organization deserves five stars! From bus to guide everything was well planned. We never had to rush and never had to wait. The guide was funny and gave us insider tips so the atmosphere was super nice. All in all, I thank ESN KISA so much for letting me being a group leader and I can recommend everyone to participate on the next events!


We also hosted a photo contest and you can see some of the incredible pictures below. The winner of the contest was Michael Karmann (the picture on the right) and he will recieve a prize from us! Thanks Michael and all the people for sending us these breathtaking photos! heart