Hello, here you have a short listing of what events are already set and what trips will be going on

on the 4th of February we will be going sledding. 

on 19th of February we will be going to Satama for some ice skating

on the 13th of March we will take a day trip to Koli. This is a nature park were we will walk around, make a fire, eat and drink, enjoy some stunning views and, most of all, have lots of fun.

Our lapland trip is set for 28th of February until 5th of March. Ticket sales are currently open so do not hesitate and have the trip of a lifetime. 

The trip to Lofoten Islands in Norway is set for 26th of April until 30th of April. 

If you have any questions about our events, do not hesitate to send us a message through facebook or instagram. 

Any questions about our Lapland and Lofoten trip would be best to target them to TIMETRAVELS since they are organising the trips. 

Link towards time travels website: https://www.timetravels.fi/