We got 4 new event managers for our board of spring 2020!
Here are some quotes from them:

"When I got to know about ESN KISA and met its lovely board members for the first time, I also felt like joining them immediately. So here I am - ready to meet all of you on our upcoming events!"

"I believe that being in this multicultural environment helped me see things from different perspectives. It is a blessing to learn from people who come from different cultures and mentalities."

"Joining the ESN KISA board as an event manager was a spontaneous decision at the very beginning of my stay and I don't regret it. Being part of the board is a fun way to experience the student lifestyle and especially to get to know locals."

"My father is french, my mother is italian and they met in Spain, before the Erasmus programme was even launched, so I strongly believe in cultural exchanges, cause it´s the reason I´m alive. During my first semester in Kuopio I´ve met a lot of amazing people, especially thanks to ESN and that´s why this semester I decided to do my bit for this organization"

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See you in our next event!<3