After few weeks here in Kuopio, it feels like everybody wants to be back in Lapland wonderland! This snow, those landscapes, the slopes, the huskies, cottages...felt like paradise. Let me tell you the story of this trip!

It’s 2 am, 21st of February, and 50 people are taking the city bus from Neulamaki, full of student and luggages the driver is laughing and doesn’t understand the super-excitation of all those passengers! But excitement didn’t last long, when we went into the bus that drove us to Rovaniemi, after 3 hours we were already bored! But when we arrived, at 9:30 am in Santa village we started feeling really good again, crossing the Arctic Circle, take a selfie with Santa, get a stamp in your passport, say hi to reindeer, hug baby huskies and enjoy this break as the beginning of an amazing trip in Santa Claus region!

But here we go again in the bus, 2 hours driving through the forest, on the long straight, only, lapland road! And we turned in a small road, it was almost a path, for 5 km and we discovered huge amount of snow looking like smurfs village: Snow village. We went walking in a snow and ice hotel, rooms and corridors made of white and color lights. Something we’ve never seen before, getting lost in labyrinth of snow was such a nice feeling! But after those many hours of bus we needed a bed, and not a cold one like in the ice village so we took the road again for a few minutes and finally arrived in Levi (Kittilä), biggest ski resort of Finland!

We all had the chance to discover amazing accommodations, local spirit of houses made of wood, private sauna, super-nice bed, kitchen and decoration, compared to our student flat, it felt like luxury life! But after taking some rest it was time to go discover this wonderland, we started with our own adventurous spirit by taking a hike to reach the top of the mountain. This has been a very funny one, there is such a huge amount of snow (more than 1 m) that we actually felt down couple times in big holes with half of our body inside. Which has been a funny moment!

In the afternoon, some of us went to the reindeer farm, hugging reindeer, take selfies, feed them and let us slide in reindeer sledges! This was a beautiful and lovely first day!

During following days, some of us went skiing in Levi, good slopes, off-piste skiing, amazing view and good feeling for all the ski/snowboard lovers! And in the afternoon, snowmobile! Sensations guaranteed and fun with your friend riding snowmobile in beautiful nature, something you won’t do easily anywhere else.

After that we went snowshoeing at night, in the wood falling down in the middle of the forest laughing and talking with friends in the silence of Lapland, quiet a pretty evening to end our day!

Husky sledging had been one amazing experience for all of those who took it, the excitement of dogs and the feeling you get once on sledge is simply perfect. You would like to do it over and over again. Plus, the place is very nice, you take some warm juice with biscuit in typical hut, you hug puppies and dogs and see how happy they’re here in Lapland, where they belong basically!

Of course, we enjoy every single moment of this trip, your private sauna, the spa in Levi, the party at Rock cafe, walk in the city center, sunsets, dinner with your friends and just enjoying your cottage and liberty with people you like in an amazing place! What an awesome trip! If you want to get a hint what was it like, HERE is my Lapland video! Check it out!