Kingsley Aliche

Hi! My name is Kingsley Aliche, a master degree student in General Toxicology and Environmental Health risk Assessment. I am presently working  on  my thesis and focusing on other aspect of Health and well-being in Kuopio at the moment. I have been around in ESN KISA a while and it has become like a second family to me, a place where people can exchange ideas and develop their interpersonal skills. The idea of people from different culture coming together for one goal (Students helping Students), is the most fascinating thing we can offer to ourselves to make the world a better place. In my spare time, I can be found either riding horses or playing football but mostly with friends.



Aino Lehtinen

Hello you! My name is Aino and yes it is pronounced similarly as "i know". I am on my fourth year of social psychology studies and I have been an exchange student myself. Actually twice because once was not enough, one semester in Rotterdam, NL, and another one in Hong Kong. Since I came back home I wanted to hold on to the exchange spirit so I started as a tutor for incoming exchange. And now i have dived even deeper and got the honour to be the vice president of KISA. It is my first semester with ESN KISA but I already love the possibility for me to keep up with the international feel without leaving Finland. I hope I can help you to make the most of your stay! :)




Sanna Arvola

Hello everyone! I am Sanna Arvola from Finland and I’m a fourth year social psychology student in the University of Eastern Finland. I’m 24 years old and on my free time I like doing all different kinds of sports like going to the gym, jogging or training in the Puijo stairs. As a fun fact, I also enjoy doing crosswords with ballpoint pen and watching MasterChef Australia.

I first started in KISA as an active member about 2 years ago, while I was also doing international tutoring in UEF. Then in 2018 during autumn semester I was in the board one of the Event Managers. After that I went to do my own Erasmus in Granada, Spain and I loved every minute of it. I learned to appreciate ESN as an organization even more, because without them my exchange experience wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was. I also love the KISA family, which is why I applied for the board. I will do my best so that everyone of you could have as amazing exchange experience that I did. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you! *Pus och kram!*



Saara Närä

Hello all! I'm Saara and I'm originally from the Northern Finland, Oulu. I've been living in Kuopio for three years now, and just started my fourth year at UEF. I'm studying Public Health and last spring I got my Bachelor's degree! Right now I'm also employed as the Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration for the Student Union, and that is the reason why I'm also part of the KISA Board. I'm sooo happy to work with these amazing people and looking forward to everything to come! If you need anything, you can find me from the Student Union office :-)



Outi Nikunen

Heii - it's me again, Outi, a girl from this beauutiful Northern Country - Finland. I would be happy to say that I also come from Kuopio, from the heart of the Savo region and lakeland area, but no, originally I'm from South-Eastern city, Kouvola.

I joined KISA, this lovely international family when I moved to Kuopio to finish my studies in 2016, and yes, I'm still here hanging! Why? I just love these people and the feeling around. Also, I love to see and feel the experiences of our international students during their stay here while they're exploring Finland, Finns and Finish culture and getting to know each other. It brings me tons of joy. So I'm happy to be part of this network here at the local level as it gives us a great platform for organizing activities which enable all the international students have the most memorable experience while their stay here in Finland!

(p.s. Picture taken when ESN KISA went to Lofoten, Norway - tired but happy)



Antonina Vierimaa

Hey my name is Antonina and I'm from Sydney Australia :) I joined the board three semesters ago as an event manager and now am the KISA trip co-ordinator. I am not studying at the moment but hope to, in the future, get into UEFs clinical nutrition bachelor and masters programme. I became involved in KISA thanks to the ex (exex) president and LR, Amy and Sara. I wanted to meet new people who were from abroad just like me, organise events and be part of a supportive group of people. I've really enjoyed my time with kisa and view it as part of my family. Without KISA kuopio would be a very different place.




Teresa Rikkonen

Moi! My name is Teresa and I am originally from a small town called Taipalsaari in South Karelia of Finland. I have been living and studying in Kuopio for 3 years now, and I just started my master’s degree in social psychology. My journey with ESN KISA started on the fall of 2017 when I volunteered for international tutoring, and later that year I attended a KISA board meeting for the first time! I got elected as Vice President on January 2018 and I finished my mandate one year later. On the spring/summer 2019 I did my Erasmus exchange in Germany, Würzburg, and now I am back in the KISA board as an IT-manager. I am super excited to be a part of this incredible team again and I hope to spread the #kisalove around Kuopio! On my free time you might find me dancing, singing (#karaokelove), playing music or just on my couch watching way too much Netflix.




Salli Kosonen

Hello everyone! I’m Salli and I’m originally from Espoo but moved to Kuopio couple years ago to study at UEF. Currently I’m doing my master’s degree in clinical nutrition. On my free time I like to do sports (especially dancing!) and enjoy all aspects of student life. I love to meet people, learn new things and have a lot of activities in my life. I think Kisa is an amazing place to do all that!




Daniella Stevens

I am Daniella Stevens, a third-year biomedicine student in the University of Eastern Finland. I have been a KISA member for almost a year and an event manager for one semester. Through KISA I have gotten to know so many great people from all over the World.  In my free time I like going on walks to enjoy the nature. I also like cooking and baking a lot. One of my favourite things to do is dancing, which I have done for most of my life. It is physically impossible for me to stay still if there is music playing.



Ina Kohl

Hi everybody! My name is Ina and I am an exchange student from Germany. I am doing my Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Regensburg. In my free time I like to play Badminton and love to travel around. I am very excited to be an ESN KISA Event Manager this year and can’t wait to meet you all at the next KISA events!




Shila Dilan

Hello! My name is Dilan Posluk, I am 24 years old and I am studying Business Administration in my masters. I live in Germany but my parents are Turkish, so I was already born international. That´s one reason why I love working with ESN. Not only did the international Network inspire me but also the multicultural team and their heart warming way of accepting me in the family. Since I have 9 siblings, I am used to being a team player and I love being surrounded by people and I am always interested in new cultures and new people.





Konstantin Khomutov

My name is Konstantin/Kostja (choose the one you want). I'm exchange student from Kazakhstan and study "Control in Technical Systems" in Saints-Peterburg. In my free time I do sport and I really enjoy helping people. In the KISA everybody gets a good opportunity to realize themselves. Also finding friends all around the world and having a good time. Do I need any other reason to join? Look forward to see you on our events!