My name is Taha Nakabi, I'm a PhD student in computer science department. I am 25 years old and I am from
Morocco. I like dancing, ice skating, traveling and meeting new people...
My story begins when I arrived in Kuopio in the spring of 2017. I was so amazed by the snow, nature and the
totally different culture and lifestyle from my home country... But soon, I discovered that it's not easy to make
friends here and there is not much things to do in free time... so in that sense Kuopio looked like a dead place
to me... But this feeling only lasted until the day I discovered that there was an event organized by ESN KISA
called "Get to know each other". I went there alone... I returned home with a lot of friends! Since that day I was
trying to attend every event from KISA that semester, but I wasn't so confident about joining as a board or
active member. In the spring of 2017 I had a big circle of friends that were coming for Erasmus exchange
program. Among them, there was a friend who was always trying to convince me to be an active member or
board member, so I went with him to few meetings, but I wasn't really active with KISA. Once this group of
friends left Kuopio, I felt that I was lost again... But one more time I found ESN KISA or maybe ESN KISA found me.
I started being more active, participating, organizing events and going to national and international platforms
during the spring and autumn semester of 2018... During this period, I discovered a lot about ESN and how is
this organization working for good causes and how big is the impact of its activities... I finally found myself so
engaged to the point that I had to become the president of ESN KISA in spring 2019.

Jere-Vice president

I'm Jere Lavikainen, a fourth year student in applied physics, focusing on medical physics, but I still haven't
finished my bachelor studies. Joensuu is my original home town and I visit it often, Kuopio is just a place I study
I love getting to know and helping new people, which is one of the reasons I'm involved in international
activities. I spent autumn 2016 as an Erasmus+ exchange student in Lund, Sweden, where I failed both of my
physics courses and their re-exams because I had a super fun time doing social stuff! Since then I've been an
exchange student tutor for 3 semesters and I';m currently tutoring the international master's degree in medical
In my spare time I play volleyball and badminton, jog, work out, read books (mostly fantasy) and play tabletop
roleplaying games. If I have time to spare I also play video games and practice dancing (stuff like bachata, WCS
and salsa, not disco).
I firmly believe that pineapple belongs on pizza and ham should go between spread and cheese in sandwiches.
I'm also a huge dog person!

Antonina-Trip Coordinator

Hey my name is Antonina and I'm from Sydney Australia :) I joined the board three semesters ago as an events
manager and now am the KISA trip co-ordinator. I am not studying at the moment but hope to, in the future,
get into UEFs clinical nutrition bachelor and masters programme. I became involved in KISA thanks to the ex,ex
president and LR,amy and Sara. I wanted to meet new people who were from abroad just like me, organise
events and be part of a supportive group of people. I've really enjoyed my time with kisa and view it as part of
my family. Without KISA kuopio would be a very different place.

Alessandra-Communication Manager

Ciao! My name is Alessandra and I'm currently an exchange student from italy. I came to Kuopio last semester and I've always been interested in KISA events and finally in January I decided to become really active joining the board! I'm really happy about it and KISA helped me to make new and special friends in KISA world! I hope everyone can enjoy as I did.

Oak-Event Manager

Name: Rueangsit “Oak” Inthong
Birthday: 12.01.1996
Age: 23
Country of origin: Thailand ����

Education: Biomedicine (Master degree), UEF
Interests: Reading, musics, YouTube, Spotify
Reasons to join KISA board member: Opportunity to expand my experience and have fun ❤��

Daniella-Event Manager

I am Daniella Stevens, a second-year biomedicine student in the University of Eastern Finland. In my free time I
like going on walks to enjoy the nature. I also like cooking and baking a lot. One of my favourite things to do is
dancing, which I have done for most of my life.