We had a second General Meeting couple weeks back to fill the position of our missing Vice President. Now our board of Autumn 2019 is finally complete!! heart
Here is our squad:

President: Kingsley Aliche
Vice President: Aino Lehtinen
Local Representative: Sanna Arvola
Treasurer: Saara Närä
Vice Treasurer: Outi Nikunen
Trip Coordinator: Antonina Vierimaa
IT-manager: Teresa Rikkonen
Communication manager: Salli Kosonen
Event Manager: Daniella Stevens
Event Manager: Ina Kohl
Event Manager: Shila Dilan
Event Manager: Konstantin Khomutov

Read more about our lovely board members here:

The next time we are filling board positions will be in January 2020! If you are interested in joining our board, keep an eye on our web page and social media channels, since we will present the open positions during December here and social media with the details of the general meeting.yes